Field Of Activity

Forest and green spaces Development

construction of urban forests and development of the green belt are the main specialties of this set with more than one decade experience. during these time 13 projects have been done...

Water Supply and Irrigation

Construction and development of water supply networks and Irrigation in the form of pressurized irrigation, Aqueduct, piping and network developing projects are these...


Zarrin Group of companies having experienced engineering staff in the field of building and construction , has proved it’s performance ability and technical commitment...

Environmental beautification

از ملزومات سکونت مناسب، تعلق خاطر در مناطق شهری، علاوه بر توسعه امکانات زندگی در محیطی مناسب با ظواهر بصری جذاب می باشد.گروه شرکتهای زرین با توجه به ...

Green house

Production of flowers and saplings is another area in which Zarrin Group has invested substantially...

Production and trade

شرکت های زرین، در راستای تولید کالاهای باکیفیت ایرانی و عرضه محصولات ارگانیک، اقدام به عرضه کالا با برند های سیلنا و تریتا کرده اند. ما قصد داریم که این دو برند....

Latest Projects

Kohsar forest park


Maintenance of green spaces of kohsar forest park

Maintenance of 457000 trees in 1200 hectare

Hesarakcan Phase 2


Afforestation of hesarak kan

Planting 20000 trees in an area of 140 hectares

malek garden


Green space construction project in malek garden

an area of 1 hectare ( 26000 trees and bushes )

17 september and shush


Water supply and irrigation streets 17 september and shush

The length 17000 meter Fortifications afforestation

جنگلکاری استحکامات


Fortifications afforestation

Planting 20000 trees in an area of 130 hectares

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